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Special Mortgage Finance Rates

Loan Type Purchase (APR) Refinance (APR)
30 Yr Fixed Rate 3.50%(3.50) 3.50%(3.50)
15 Yr Fixed Rate 2.75%(2.88) 2.75%(2.88)
5/1 ARM 2.50%(2.75) 2.50%(2.75)
* Terms and conditions apply

We'll find the lowest finance rates for you

Whether you need a mortgage to buy or refinance your home, make improvements to your property, or consolidate your debts, take advantage of our huge verity of the most competitive lenders available.

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Buying and Selling Real Estate

Move-in or move-out, we specialize in both

People and businesses are moving from homes, apartments, and offices on a daily basis. Before your new tenant moves in, the owner or manager should inspect the unit for damages. There should be a detailed report of any damages not there prior to this tenants move out.

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Property Management Service

Complete Property Management Services

As a full service property management company we offer complete property management services. All of our property management services are provided at one low monthly fee. There are no hidden costs.

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Avoid Foreclosure

Avoid Foreclosure, there might be other options

If you miss your mortgage payments, foreclosure may occur. This is the legal means your lender can use to repossess your home. If you owe more than your property is worth, a deficiency judgment is pursued.

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“I found my dream home. Thanks to Regal Realty's dedicated team of expert realtors that helped me from research to negotiation to financing.”
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